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about budget study centre

Budget is the government’s most powerful document to meet the needs of its people whether it’s about health, education or other core sectors. This documents also reflects the country’s social, economic and fiscal responsibilities and proposed revenues and spending for a set period of time. In Pakistan budgetary decisions are made without consultations with concerned/ relevant stakeholders with no regards of public interest and needs. Budget Study Centre conduct research on government budget and expands its outreach by providing support to general public, journalists, CSOs and elected representatives. Many of these stakeholders have little access to budget resources, possess limited knowledge about budget issues and have little time or capacity to carry out research.

BSC will provide budget information or analysis to the Journalists, parliamentarians and others on their request as quickly as possible.  This service will enhance the quality of media reporting on budgets and parliamentary participation in budget-related debates. This website also contain all the research material produced by the BSC.